Add Magic To Your Wedding Day With Fresh Flowers

Several things come into play to make a wedding perfect. Flowers play an important role in this. The presence of heavenly flowers adds a dash of sweetness and hope to any wedding. Unfortunately, there are a lot of flowers to choose from, based on the theme of your wedding. You can zoom in on the ones that fit your budget and the colour scheme of your wedding to get the perfect flower decoration for wedding of your dreams.

Every culture around the world has its own set of wedding traditions. Having fresh flowers at your wedding is a classic tradition that is practiced in every nook and corner of the world. Here are a few ways that you can incorporate sweet smelling flowers into your wedding:

. Add colour to the mandap by decorating it with plenty of flowers. As you get married in the presence of your family and friends, the fragrance from these flowers will make the moment even more memorable.

· Wow your guests as soon as they walk into to hall by decorating the entrance with beautifully coloured flowers. A mix of white and yellow marigold colours will liven up an entrance.

· The wedding stage can be given a makeover with several flowers placed along the sides of the stage entrance as well as a part of the background. Since plenty of photographs will be taken on the stage, it will be a good idea to have a pretty background filled with flowers that compliment your wedding theme.

· If you are up for an adventure, you can consider having a swing decorated with gorgeous flowers rather than the usual couch or sofa that is placed on the wedding stage. Wedding decorators in Chennai can help you set up the swing with no extra trouble.

Add Magic To Your Wedding Day With Fresh Flowers· Table centrepieces during the food service can add a touch of elegance to the whole wedding. You can even personalize them my having monogrammed ribbons with both of your initials around the centrepiece.

· Another way to jazz up your wedding is set up small round tables around the venue set with small flower centrepieces and scented candles. This will create an elegant look to your wedding
· You can amp up the wedding décor by having antique bird cages filled with fresh flowers to add colour to your wedding.

· You can set up a selfie corner of the venue, with the background decorated with flowers arranged to form the initials of the newlyweds. This gives your guests to capture memorable moments that can be treasured forever.

· Another way to use flowers in your wedding is by adding them to the seating arrangement by tying up some bright coloured flowers to the back of the chairs.

While contemplating which flowers to choose to have at your wedding, pick those that contemplate your outfits. You will be taking a lot of photographs on this special day, and it is best not to pick out flowers that clash with your designer outfits. At the end of the day, the onus lies on enjoying yourself as you pledge to live your life together with the one you love with family and friends as witnesses.

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