Terms of Use

The date of validity of the quotation is mentioned in the format and is subject to availability. The extension of the quotation is the sole discretion of mayalok.com. On confirmation, the client is subjected to make a non-refundable deposit. The payment means acceptance of terms and conditions. Any verbal communication or instructions are not accepted. The payments have to be made as specified in the quotation or agreed upon, failure of which may result in order cancellation without any refund. The cancellation has to be accepted in writing, and any deposit in such cases will be retained as administrative charges.

The goods hired are at the own risk of mayalok.com. However, the client is responsible for keeping the venue open for access upon the agreed date and time. Setup delays due to delay in opening up the venue are not the responsibility of mayalok.com. The client has to give sufficient time for setup and dismantling in the venue. The wedding decorator is not responsible for any damage or residue marks left on the surface while using adhesive tapes for decoration purposes. It is the client’s responsibility to supply floor plans and layout to the decorators in advance to plant and arrange the supply of goods to the venue. The loss or damage of items supplied by mayalok.com is the sole responsibility of the client and costs have to be met within the stipulated time. We use tracking pixels to track ads. We do not monetize the Ads.